Working From Home

By December 21, 2018The Versailles
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Commuting to work is becoming a thing of the past!

Imagine being able to wake up and already be at work. Depending on what you do, you may not even need to get dressed out of your PJs! The money you will save on transportation costs can go towards other things you need or want. Everyone will envy you. Meetings and calls can be done right from the comfort of your home office chair. Getting work done will never be more relaxing. If you live in one of the APG Living apartments, you will even have the luxury of leaving your apartment and working in the building workspace if you need a change of scenery.

The Versailles Apartments has great workspaces for residents who work from home.  There are private spaces with multiple chairs and tables for a meeting if you don’t have room in your apartment. There are also high-grade computers if you need to do more in-depth and technical work. There are other not so obvious benefits of working from inside your apartment building that you may not realize until you start speaking with other like-minded residents.

By working in your apartment building’s workspace you will be able to share ideas and pitch to other workers who may be able to help you. Not to mention, you can make new “work buddies” who live in your apartment complex! Working by yourself in your apartment is not always a great way to come up with innovative thoughts so by working in a group, or just with one other person who is willing to help, brainstorming will be a breeze.

Sometimes working and living in the same place can become claustrophobic, not to mention monotonous. If you need a complete change of space there are other community spaces where you can do your job just down the street from the Versailles Apartments. Take a look at Design Hive Cowork Space, WeWork, Industrious Philadelphia, 1776 Allman as well as many other communal office spaces.

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