The Shirt Corner Apartments are located on the northeast corner of 3rd and Market streets in Old City Philadelphia. The “original” Shirt Corner, founded by Marvin Ginsberg in in 1960, was a retail store that sold men’s shirts.

Before Marvin opened Shirt Corner, he worked for his father across the street at Cadet Neckwear selling ties. He didn’t enjoy working there so he decided to open his own business modeled after a store he liked in New York called “Shirts Unlimited”.  At that time Marvin knew nothing about shirts, and wasn’t sure where to start but he knew wanted to bring this concept to Philadelphia. He turned to the New York yellow pages and found manufactures to make shirts for him. Shortly after that he signed a one year lease at 259 Market street which was only a small portion of the corner.

He was only selling shirts but whatever it was that he did, it was right and the customers seemed to like it. “They never saw as many shirts as they did in one little store in their size” Marvin said. From then on the company grew, and as the years progressed

The Shirt Corner Apartments starting at $1400.00

Marvin purchased the adjacent properties and expanded. He was still only selling shirts but he started selling sweaters and any accessories he could put with a tie. His father changed the name of his store to Tie Corner and it naturally worked. “They bought the shirt from me, and the tie from my father, brother & mother“. Eventually Marvin started selling pants, jackets and suits, even calling one of his locations Pant’s Corner. Marvin lived at 2nd and Locust streets for 45 years and walked to work everyday. “Rain, snow, sleet, it made no difference, store was open, because I could get there.” Shirt Corner was in business 48 years, from 1960 to 2008.

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The Shirt Corner Apartments Old City Philadelphia 1970's
The Shirt Corner Apartments Old City Philadelphia 1970's

In 2013, Shirt Corner, along with several other adjacent properties, were acquired by Alterra Property Group, LLC. After securing historical and zoning approvals, Alterra Property Group built 59 apartments over ground floor retail, anchored by a CVS.

Today, The Shirt Corner Apartments offer modern city living in Old City Philadelphia.

The Shirt Corner

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