Kurant Cider

By December 20, 2018The Shirt Corner
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Beer is so 2018 – Cider is the new thing to drink in 2019!

Kurant Fishtown is located in the heart of the Philadelphia Riverwards on the historic Girard corridor. Housed in a 19th century carriage house and carefully restored it back to its former glory.  The bar was handcrafted by a master carpenter using seasoned rough cut applewood planks sourced from a local farm in New Jersey.  The carpenter milled each slab in the building and assembled a beautiful piece of art that is worthy of a visit just to see.

The draft list includes a full lineup of Kurant Ciders with several lines dedicated to experimental batches you’ll only find in Fishtown.  They also pour an amazing selection of draft beers crafted in Pennsylvania. You might just find some beers on draft in the taproom you can’t find anywhere else.  In addition, there is a cocktail menu utilizing locally sourced spirits including whiskeys, gin, bourbon, rum, and several other options.

The food menu features a spin on the American classic, the hot dog.  They sourced the best free-range, grass fed, organic, 100% beef hot dogs they could find and created several specialty hot dogs with fresh, local ingredients.  The breads come from Lost Bread Bakery just a few blocks away, and they make good use of locally grown ingredients whenever possible, working with Riverwards Produce.  All of the signature hot dogs are available in vegetarian variants.

All of the ciders are crafted with inspiration from traditional French, English, and Spanish ciders.  They have more similarities with white wines than they share with most American ciders. The aim is to set themselves apart from the crowd.  The ciders are all on the dry side and unfiltered.

The Exploration Series is a line of ultra-small batch ciders which are made at the Fishtown Taproom location.  The series is inspired by the explorers of the past and the future. They are constantly exploring what cider was, is, and will be as they create new and unique offerings.  Watch for weekly Exploration Series releases at the Taproom every Wednesday. Most of these releases won’t last more than a few days so plan your visit now and don’t miss your chance to try every offering. Your Shirt Corner apartment will be waiting to welcome you home after a few gluten-free ciders at Kurant.

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